10th January 2020


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N.I.H.I.T.O. – so what does that mean? It stands for Nothing Interesting Happens In The Office. This is a mantra that we live by when it comes to our products and thinking about what we want to do next. We head out and talk to you, our customers, about our plans, our thinking, designs and features to make sure the software we build will add value.

It’s in this spirit we wrapped up 2019 with a final round of Customer Advisory Groups in Mauritius, Jersey and Guernsey. We started these groups in 2018 and have been ramping up the number of sessions we run. This time round we increased the size of the Jersey/Guernsey groups substantially that, for the first time, we could hold two events separately, inviting all customers in those locations.

So, what does a Customer Advisory Group meeting look like? Here’s a look at what we talk about in those sessions…

The first topic on the agenda is recapping from the last event, focusing on the actions we took as a result of discussions last time. Those attending our Customer Advisory Groups give up valuable time to contribute, and so, I feel very strongly that we need to be accountable in reporting back on what we learned and how we took action. This time around, a key thread was looking at how our various customer interactions, Hackathon and survey results culminated in several releases towards the end of 2019, focusing on improved 5Series usability.

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"Remember: Nothing Interesting Happens In The Office "

Simon Witkiss, 2019

We then moved into the main focus of the day. We usually concentrate on a specific topic and this time was no different, with Compliance taking centre stage. Our Compliance product manager, Nina Mileksic, covered our latest work on Economic Substance and Mandatory Disclosure Rules. We then looked more generally at the topic, reviewing the on-going increases in regulation and how we can help the industry manage compliance in an efficient way.

So that was how we wrapped up our customer events for 2019 – living and breathing the N.I.H.I.T.O mantra. Watch this space as we plan our activities for 2020 which will be more Customer Advisory Groups, industry events and thought leadership.

If you’ve got any points on what we do, don’t hesitate to get in contact or leave a comment.

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