29th November 2019

Microgen in Action - FJVA

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We have put together a video which discusses Microgen in Action through our customer, FJVA. Discussing the background of FJVA and some of the business challenges that they are facing with some insights into how Microgen is using technology and expertise to help transform FJVAs business.

Multiple manual systems, out of date information. If this sounds like your experience of record keeping, then watch the video below to see how FJVA are solving that challenge. The video shows how we are working closely with wealth managers, trust and fund administrators, and corporate service providers, to provide them with technology with the ability to deliver operational efficiency and control in their business, as well as helping to comply with regulations.

FJVA and many other companies in this industry have experienced people within their businesses and modern comprehensive technology.

We discuss the benefits of Microgen that have aided FJVA in solving their business challenges. For example, 5Series is a single, integrated software solution that supports all business operations. Microgen 5Series can also help to reduce operational risk and bring a rapid return on the investment into the technology.

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