5th March 2019

Microgen at University of Southampton

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As a large software firm, we work closely with universities in the South of England to educate graduates on career paths and provide an attractive opportunity for when they leave university. Today we've been on the road again, this time visiting the University of Southampton talking to graduates about our 2019 Graduate Scheme.

The Development and Support strands to our Graduate Scheme still have places open, with 5 graduates already set to join us this summer and just a couple of spots left.

Our Graduate Scheme is an important element of our overall 'centre of excellence' approach to development, ensuring we're continuously evaluating the latest technology and techniques to add customer value.

Our graduates will also be joining us over the Easter break for a few 'taster' days ahead of the real thing. With some fun team building activities like Go Ape and dinner with future colleagues, as well as starting to learn the Microgen ropes, it's set to be a great start. If you think this is for you, then head along to our Graduate Scheme section for more information and to apply.