11th December 2018

5Series API launched with Microgen 5Series 4.89

Our latest release of Microgen 5Series is released today and we're really excited by this one as it includes the public release of our 5Series API. Allowing you to integrate your 5Series data like never before, it's built on industry standard web technologies and available to all our customers today.

This gives you a great new ability to programmatically access your 5Series entity data for use in other systems and applications, without needing to delve into the 5Series database. This means you can automate the use of 5Series data in other applications, saving time and minimising errors.

It's an industry-standard RESTful API returning JSON data responses, built using modern web technologies, we've used 'container' deployment technology to simplify the API installation and deployment process. The API uses Swagger, meaning it is 'self-documenting' and the Swagger UI providers a browser-based way to test the various API endpoints.

As part of building the API, we've also written a sample Registered Office application as an example of what the API can be used for. We've also 'open-sourced' the code, so you can find the source code for this application on GitHub and use it to build your own applications.

Find out more on our website.