7th February 2020

Data Management: Errors of Omission and the ‘Green Automatic’ Effect

Our Product Marketing Manager, Andrew Lowerson, discusses the data management process within our organisation. With a background in the automotive industry, Andrew also goes into detail about the Omission errors and the effect of 'Green...

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4th February 2020

Merger Chat - Keith, Robert and Peter talk about the future

With the merger between Microgen and Touchstone now complete, Robert Browning picks up what this means to customers in discussion with Keith Hale and Peter Le Brocq.

Following our merger announcement in November between Microgen and Touchstone...

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4th February 2020

Microgen and Touchstone Merger Completed and IQ-EQ Sign Global Deal with the Group

The new business provides global coverage and technology transformation capabilities for the Trust and Corporate Services market

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14th January 2020

When Changing Regulatory Landscape Starts Eating into Your Budget

Compliance Product Manager, Nina Mileksic, here at Microgen discusses when changes in regulatory landscape eats into the budget you have and what implications this has on the industry.

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10th January 2020


N.I.H.I.T.O. – so what does that mean? It stands for Nothing Interesting Happens In The Office. This is a mantra that we live by when it comes to our products and thinking about what we want to do next. We head out and talk to you, our customers,...

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29th November 2019

Microgen in Action - FJVA

We have put together a video which discusses Microgen in Action through our customer, FJVA. Discussing the background of FJVA and some of the business challenges that they are facing with some insights into how Microgen is using technology and...

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25th November 2019

Microgen & Touchstone Merger

Robert Browning and Peter Le Brocq, the respective leaders of Microgen and Touchstone, comment on the recently announced merger of the two businesses.

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7th November 2019

All Hands on Deck for the Graduate Scheme

Landing your first new job in the career path you dream of is by no means easy. Finished university as a graduate and still having to compete to secure the next chapter of your life with your first position at a new company. However, companies...

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14th October 2019

Tax avoidance – the regulatory onslaught continues

Nina Mileksic, Compliance Product Manager at Microgen, discusses new Mandatory Disclosure Rules (MDR) that aim to further the battle against tax avoidance.

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12th September 2019

API? The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

With the impending 5Series 4.94 release bringing enhancements to the 5Series APIs, here's why we think APIs are so crucial in today's software industry. 

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